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ON SALE NOW: 254 Days to Impeachment

The Future History of the First Independent President


Just because the President of the United States is unaffiliated, it does not mean that the rest of the Federal Government has suddenly given up all of its partisan favoritisms, partialities, and biases. What happens when an idealist sits in the most powerful chair on Earth while an entire bureaucracy fights to stay relevant?

The new President may only have 254 days to make a point—that the world can be completely changed with a different approach, especially one based on honesty, transparency, and accountability. Those few spins of the Earth on its axis are all the President has between taking the Oath of Office and when the next budget must be approved and executed. Should the administration’s efforts fail, the government will shut down.

Following from the outside, the media—with all its various perspectives, viewpoints, and ratings-grabbing agendas—reports on the travails of the new President. Everyone has their own story to weave for any-and-all reasons. Some truly believe that “doing the right thing” is not always the “right thing to do”, and there are severe consequences that must be paid for even trying. No matter whether intentions are just, there must be a fallout.

Despite this, the President is undeterred. Or at least that is what the leader of the free world is projecting. Should there be doubts and recriminations, it will never be known because no one can get inside the President’s head. One thing is clear, though: the President is willing to put the entirety of the United States of America at risk. From Inauguration Day on January 20th to the end of the Fiscal Year on September 30th, the President uses the power of the bully pulpit to its fullest. Yet, because of this, the dust never has time to settle.

When the country reaches that 254-day mark and a standoff ensues, the question simply becomes: can a new way of doing politics truly supplant the entrenched system? Or will the system get its way and remove this President for good?


254 Days to Impeachment

The Future History of the First Independent President

Available at booksellers worldwide!


Will the first independent President since George Washington be removed from office simply for refusing to be a part of the bureaucracy?


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